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Chapter Six is an AA group of sober men & women motorcycle riders whose motto is "Stand & Deliver". We are all members of Alcoholics Anonymous who have experienced an incredible change in our life because of our sobriety.


The Logo: The outside circle has the date, being the year AA started, Chapter Six and  Into Action is from the Big Book which covers steps 5 to 11 - all action steps.
The inside circle has "Stand and Deliver" which covers step 12 and means: Stand up, be counted and deliver the message to the still suffering alcoholic.
The motorcycle, because we are a motorcycle group and the circle and triangle because we are all AA members.

Used with permission of Chapter 6 Australia Incorporated

All AA members, or any person who believes they may have a problem with alcohol, is welcome to attend any Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group meeting.

The logo and colours of Chapter Six are copyright and registered as a trade mark. Reproduction without the prior consent from Chapter 6 Australia Incorporated is strictly forbidden.

This website is a compilation of information which is protected by copyright. Unauthorised redistribution or diffusion of this is prohibited.

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