Peter H Memorial Ride

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The Stanley Chapter Six AA Monthly Meeting has resumed and is on this Sunday the 13th of Feb @12:00pm at the Stanley Soldiers Memorial Hall, Cnr Main rd & Myrtleford-Stanley rd Stanley. Steve would also like to advise attendees that there is Free Camping (including Amenities,toilet and showers) @ Lovely Recreational Reserve Stanley, so come along for a great weekend in the high country.  Call Steve to book


Contact Steve 0407 004 169.

Omeo Update

Hi everyone,

Here is the itinerary for the Over the Mountains Ride for 2022.

The ride base is Omeo as usual - but as communicated earlier - the Omeo Caravan Park is closed due to flood damage - and alternative accommodation may still be available at the Omeo Motel 43 Park St.  There were only a limited number of couples rooms and a number of multi share options for splitting the cost with other members in shared accommodation. Contact Andrew and Margie on 03 5159 1297

Also, there will be camping space available - any questions regarding the ride or accommodation please contact Frank on 0408 401 000 for further details.

Note that the The ride itinerary may be subject to change – depending on conditions of weather, roads and any unforeseen circumstances that may prevail. 

Any participants do so at their own risk.

Yours in service,

Paul C - Secretary

Chapter Six Australia

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Bendigo Anniversary

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Bendigo Anniversary Ride 25/01/2022


What a fantastic night, 6 of us done the ride in perfect weather to Elmore and caught up with Bendigo riders .

We took the Axedale road just before Goornong through the hills and into Bendigo.

On arrival at the meeting place we were greeted by two Dingley members, Pete from Nagambie and another member from Castlemaine.

Penny had bought a heap of pizza’s for our eats.

Before we had a chance to bite into them , we heard the roar of motorbikes and in rolled Chapter Six members from Gippsland,Montrose, Melbourne, Ferntree Gully, Frankston,and Stall.

Members from all over Victoria, 19 motorcycle riders and bikes everywhere.

All there to help Bendigo celebrate their 9th Anniversary.

The meeting was superb with chit-chat among members going on for at least an hour afterwards.

Ride home was great in pristine conditions, ( I just love riding when it’s like this) it was midnight though when I got home.

This was a night with Chapter Six at it’s best, for me this is what it’s all about, catching up with likeminded AA members who love riding their motorcycle as much as I do.

                                              I’ll c u wen I’m lookin at ya, yours in service   Ron E

Tassie Ride 2022

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Triumph Rocket III

Congratulations to Conor #245 on his new machine, a long awaited dream. Triumph Rocket III, 2500cc, an absolute beast!!!

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Ron E's Ride Roundup

Hi to All Chapter Six Motorcycle group members , this is a round-up of the last rides done by Chapter Six Shepparton in December 2021,

 First off was a ride we done to the Wodonga lunch time AA meeting, 4 members set out from Shepparton and met up with a couple more members in Rutherglen at the motorbike cafe, what a fantastic place after a look around at the old bikes ,some of which were mounted on the wall and a coffee out of the coffee machine that was a motorbike we rode off to the meeting at Wodonga, a great welcome and a great meeting, finished with a pleasant ride back home.


We managed 3 rides for the month to the lunch time  AA meeting at Echuca, having lunch at the Beechworth Cafe prior to the meeting , Chapter Six is always welcomed to this meeting which is strongly supported, on our last ride we were joined by Conner on his new Triumph big red machine, a big bike for a big man, these rides were great fun and fellowship, looking forward to doing more rides in 2022.


On the 18th Dec Saturday a ride was organised to the Dingley Village Chapter Six Motorcycle Group meeting , this was strongly supported   by eight riders meeting up at various locations along the way ,at Yarra glen we met up with Dave Dero and 3 others , and Dave led the way to the meeting, we rocked into the meeting to be greeted by a large group of members , some Chapter Six ,some mainstream AA, pizza was ordered all round by Cookie , so we proceeded with a good feed , a splendid meeting and fantastic fellowship, followed by a very pleasant ride home  , parting ways at different locations on the way back with Paul Mc and myself riding the last leg back to Ky.


On Tuesday the 28th of Dec we done a ride to Bendigo Chapter Six AA meeting , Larry ,Paul and myself left Ky and rode to Stanhope where we met up with riders from Shepparton ,we then rode through to Elmore and met up with Bendigo Riders, Paul C led the way to Axedale ,the weather was absolutely perfect , what a fantastic ride , pizza at the meeting , another great meeting enjoyed by all, and very comfortable ride home in pristine weather conditions.


Well it’s the  last day of 2021 , its 9.30 and I’m loaded up on the bike for my last ride of the year, where am I going , I’m riding to Rosebud, it’s going to be hot, all’s good too about Seymour then she start’s to warm up , I’m down to shirt sleeve’s  ( which is not too wise ) and the temp gage on the bike is showing 220% Fahrenheit, by the time I have hit the City the gage is on 250%, but I’m feeling ok,  I stop for a while and let her cool off, on the way again with traffic banking up, all heading the same way as me to Rosebud and the Peninsular, the bikes hit 270%  , I,m still feeling ok so I keep going, out the other side of Melbourne it’s cooler and the Bikes back down to 220%, the traffic is bumper to bumper, but being on the bike I can wind my way through the traffic at a reasonable pace, all in all I did’nt mind the ride, and I arrived in Rosebud at 2pm, with stops and lunch breaks it took 5 hours, I,m glad I got this big ride in for the end of 2021.


Looking back over the last month I see what Chapter Six was started for , to get together and ride to meetings together all over the country side, we are doing what we were meant to do , ride our motorcycles every week to a different AA meeting, whether it be a Chapter Six meeting or a mainstream AA meeting.


It’s the 3rd January 2022 and guess what I’m doing , yes that’s right, riding my motorcycle on my first big ride for the year , Rosebud to Kyabram, I’m on my way back, the weather is much cooler than when I came and I am really enjoying the ride, I love riding the bike through the City, so easy to sift through the traffic, I’m home again and absolutely stoked about the ride it was incredible.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year, may all you wish for come true, yours in the fellowship Ron E  Secretary Shepparton Chapter Six. 

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Over the Mountains Ride 2022

Omeo "Over the Mountains" Ride has been booked in for February 25th -Tuesday 1st of March 2022. For Accomodation bookings at the Omeo Caravan Park please contact Frank on 0408 401 000. There will be Ride itinerary and more details to follow. watch this space....


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Spring has sprung in 2021, Regional Victoria is out of Lockdown and Shepparton Chapter Six took full advantage with a group ride. We set out from Shepparton in a notherly direction led by one of our trusty long time members Dave. followed by train of eager riders, some new members sporting L plates, on their first big group ride, other members remembering the freedoms of group riding into the spring countryside, followed by one of our Trusty founders, member No1 watching over the pack and all of a sudden for me, everything felt right and as it should be. We arrived in Yarrawonga, a small border town where we had a coffee and fuel up. Dave took us on a cruise past Lake Mulwala and we then headed across the rolling hills through the fields of green and yellow canola crops to view some Silo Art at Devonish and stretching our legs (pic above). Another blast onto Dookie where we met some locals, known to Dookie Bruce, at the coffee shop for our final break (pictured right), before heading back to Shepp. All in all a great day was had by all, incident free as we etch another group ride into the memory bank. For me this ride was extra special as we as a group were able to re-strengthen our bonds after a hard winter of forced separations due to covid. Until next time.....Stay upright and stay Sober!!


AL #208 CH6 Shepp Secretary .  

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Chapter Six AA Motorcycle Group Australia held an Extraordinary Service meeting (Via Zoom) on Saturday the 17th of July. It was at this meeting that the Bunbury WA group had their request approved to become an official Chapter Six Australia Group. The Bunbury group filled service positions,  Secretary is Paul S, Treasurer is Wendy and the group GSR is Steve. Bunbury (WA) will hold their meeting on the 3rd  Saturday of each month @2pm with a meeting format of a Big Book study. The new meeting will be held at 6/153 Mandurah Terrace Mandurah Western Australia 6210.  

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Chapter Six Australia's next service meeting...

Chapter Six Australia will be holding their next Service meeting on Saturday December 5th @2pm in Shepparton. more details and a flyer to follow..... watch this space!!

Chapter  Six Rides again 

In a much anticipated return to the road, Chapter six Shepparton and Chapter Six Bengio dusted off their boots and bikes and were once again feeling the wind on the face and the fellowship between riders as Covid-19 restrictions were eased, Shepparton Chapter six held their first face to face monthly meeting on October the 1st 2020.  

Here pictured are a few riders from both groups meeting at Rushworth, so both groups could ride to the meeting together.....strength in numbers!!

It was a great meeting and many more to come. 


or check your email inbox for your invite.




Chapter Six Australia Service Office would like your input on how to help your group carry out its primary purpose with mindfulness of everyone's safety and well being.

To ensure everyone has a chance to participate, we will be holding a Chapter Six Australia Service meeting for all Chapter Six members via a "Zoom Meeting" on Saturday, 28th March 2020 at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). The Meeting ID information will be in your email inbox.


A "Zoom Meeting" refers to a meeting that's hosted using video conferencing software called Zoom. Attendees can join the meeting in-person, via webcam or video conferencing camera, or via smartphone using the "Zoom" app.


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Next Chapter Six Australia

Service Meeting

To be on the 16th February 2020
at Marysville Caravan Park @11am
(make sure the secretary has your current postal or email address)

Dingley meeting

this weekend 



February 9th...





Omeo Anniversary update

Omeo cancelled.... Alternate Destination?

On the 28th of January, Chapter Six Australia held an Extraordinary service meeting in Bendigo. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the concerns around this years Omeo Run and the fallout from the devastating bushfires in the region in recent times. The facts as we understood them were presented to all members present, each member aired theirs thoughts on the matter and the ultimate decision was put to the vote. The Chapter Six Australia members who were present collectively reached a majority vote to CANCEL this years run to Omeo.


However it was agreed upon that an alternate destination would be sought so we could still celebrate our Groups great Anniversary. 

Shepparton Chapter Six Motorcycle Groups next meeting is on Thursday the 6th of February at Scotts Church in Shepparton at 8pm. It is here that we will hopefully settle on an alternate destination and plan for the 14th-18th of Feburary Ride. 

Stay Tuned for further updates here.........


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Chapter Six Member #60 Gaetan, on the 19th of January, 2020.

Gaetan was a valued member from 2011, for a period of time running the Seymour Chapter Six Motorcycle Group.

Gaetan died in hospital following a recent heart attack, with his family by his side.

Omeo Anniversary update....

The Chapter Six Service Committee is going to hold an extraordinary Chapter Six Service Meeting after the Chapter Six Bendigo on the 28th January 2020 (approximately 9.45pm)


The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss whether the 'Over the Mountain' Ride (Omeo) will go ahead given the uncertainty of the conditions in the region due to bushfires.


  We would like everyone interested in the Omeo run to give some thought to possible alternatives to put forward for consideration at the meeting on the 28th January '20 in Bendigo.


For those in WA and Queensland that would like to participate in our service meeting, we can arrange for video conference access - just let Paul C know and we'll do our best to facilitate!


Bendigo Chapter Six Group will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary on the same night  and will be hosting a BBQ held at the meeting venue prior to the meeting. 

Dingley Chapter Six building momentum

Chapter Six Australia's newest addition, The Dingley Charter had a great showing at their latest meeting on Saturday 21st of December with 15 riders from all over the state converging to support the new meeting. Members from Shepparton, Bendigo and Dingley (as pictured) all joined the meeting providing great support for all of our metropolitan AA members.



          Shepparton Chapter Six Pays              A Group Visit 

Shepparton CH6 recently organised a group ride over to a local AA meeting in Kyabram. Members rallied and met in Shepparton and rode on to Byrnside where more riders joined the pack. Arriving in Kyabram for a meal at a local Thai restaurant with Members of Kyabram's Saturday evening AA group, the procession of bikes turned heads (pictured below). Kyabram had a strong meeting and Shepparton Chapter Six demonstrated the strength in the local Fellowship.   

Dingley Chapter Six
AA Motorcycle Group
our next meeting:
Saturday 18th of January 2020
1.00 pm at the
The Salvation Army Kingston Gardens Corps
13/12-16 Garden Blvd, Dingley Village Victoria 3172

Stanley Chapter Six

AA Motorcycle Group 


our next meeting:


January meeting cancelled due to bushfires..

(updates will be posted here at later date)

Venue for lunch will be announced
then a ride to the meeting at the
Stanley Soldiers Memorial Hall
for 2.00 pm start
Contact: Steve 0407 004 169
The Chapter Six Tassie run is on again in March 2020.
Chapter Six members plan to attend the St Helens Tasmania AA rally on the weekend of
Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March 2020

Next Chapter Six Australia

Service Meeting

To be on the 15th February 2020
at Omeo Caravan Park
(make sure the secretary has your current postal or email address)
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Bendigo chapter six meeting