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Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group Australia ©


What is a Chapter Six AA Motorcycle Group

Chapter Six is a Group of sober motorcycle riders whose motto is to “Stand and Deliver”.  We are all members of Alcoholics Anonymous who have experienced an incredible change in our life because of our sobriety, and our lives have taken on a new meaning.  We have been able to fit back in to society, we have been reunited with our families, loved ones and friends, we have become responsible caring human beings, and the benefits of being sober gives us a new found freedom.  We therefore ask our members to “Stand” up and be counted “and Deliver” the message to all other sober and suffering alcoholics; that action is the key word and that the simple program of AA is the answer to a brand new meaningful and adventurous life.



The Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group’s primary purpose is for its members to stay sober and deliver the message of AA to the still suffering alcoholic.  Our common bond Is that we all share an infinite joy in riding motorcycles. 

Rides mainly revolve around AA functions, meetings and anniversaries, family and friends who have been affected by alcoholism are welcome to join us on our rides.


Membership Requirements

Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group Australia is a special interest AA Group that consists of sober men and women AA members who ride motorcycles.  To join this group, you need to be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and ride a motorcycle.

The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking.  Any make or size of motorcycle is accepted.

Once you have joined you will remain a member for life, or as long as you wish to be, regardless of whether you still ride a motorcycle.


To Start a Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group

To start a Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group, you must have permission from the Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group Australia Service Office to use the trade mark and copyright owned by Chapter 6 Australia Incorporated.

The Service Office has the right to refuse any new group this permission without stating a reason.

Should a group that has been granted permission to use the trade mark and copyright decide that their group will have members that are not motorcycle riders, or not run their Group in accordance with the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, permission to use the Trade Mark and Copyright of Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group will be removed from that Group.


Affiliations and Alliances

Chapter Six is a Motorcycle AA Group, not a bikie group nor a motorcycle club, and therefore does not enter into any affiliations or alliances as a motorcycle club would.  Chapter Six regards all traditional Motorcycle Club’s with respect, and wishes to remain in harmony with all of them. Chapter Six urges it’s members to conduct themselves in a proper manner and to use caution when wearing their Logo or Badge; misunderstanding can easily happen when we travel to different areas or states on rides attending functions.


Territories and Boundaries

Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group has no boundaries and claims no territories.  It is simply a group of sober men & women riders that are members of various individual groups among the many AA groups Australia wide.



The Logo  

Our logo is merely a way of identifying who we are, a group of sober motorcycle riders within the fellowship of AA.  It is in no way meant to be confronting.


The date 1935 recognises when AA started.  Chapter Six – Into Action is borrowed from the book of Alcoholics Anonymous and refers to part of the recovery program in AA.  Stand and Deliver (Ned Kelly) has been used because it is Australian and we were all bits of outlaws before we became sober in AA.

Its meaning to us is to “Stand” up and be counted as a sober member and “Deliver” the message of AA to the still suffering alcoholic. The motorcycle symbolises that we are a motorcycle group.  The triangle is the threefold concept of spirit, mind and body and the circle represents infinite protection if we are thoroughly working the program of AA.  The circle & triangle is also used in the symbol of AA.

Each colour on the logo has a meaning” the Black reminds us of the hopelessness, shame and despair we left behind when we stopped drinking the Red keeps us ever alert of the danger to ourselves should we ever pick up a drink; the White represents the light of hope we saw when we first arrived at the door of an AA meeting; and the Blue, which is AA’s colour, shows us the way to a new sober life filled with purpose, hope, and freedom.

 The words ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ are a registered Trade Mark of the “General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Australia.”

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