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Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group Australia



Old Omeo Hwy


Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st February 2017
How it went... 

Our "Over The Mountains" ride began with the crew assembling at Maccas in Shepparton on Friday morning from 8am for the 9 o'clock departure.

As the horn blared to venture forth, Ron led the way, with the WA contingency of Steve, Rod & Theresa and Stuie, along with Dave S, Justin, Peter G, God Squad Rod on the bikes.  The Bendigo members Toby and Sarah in the ute with Paul and Penny with bikes on trailer and Bev and Ethan bringing up the rear in support.

We wound our way through Shepparton and its surrounds, heading for the Maccas in Wangaratta for a break and join up with Neil, Syd and Kim.  Ensuring everyone was right to roll, we headed off towards Bright for fuel up, then lunch.

Folks fuelled up both bikes and body at the bakery in Bright in readiness for the coming climb up Mt Hotham. 


The anticipation was mounting for some of us (Penny) in the cages as the call of the twisties was getting ever stronger.  A hasty repair of a footpeg was required after a mishap on the trailer, but Penny saddled up and was away...

Arrival at the Omeo Caravan Park with a greeting from Sandy and Lou was like arriving home!

More stories and a recount of the trip to come.

Monday's Ride​


Omeo Ride to Mitta Mitta 20/02/2017


It's Monday morning in Omeo, Paul and I have looked at the weather forecast and it looks like snow in Falls Creek, (our regular ride) so we have decided to ride to Mitta Mitta instead, 108 kilometers of winding road, should be awesome!!


We,ve got 9 riders, 3 pillion passengers and two in the back-up vehicle, Shifty and Ken are heading home the same way and have took off early to meet up with us at Mitta-Mitta, Syd, Rocket and Army Ron opting out of the ride.


Steve is our lead rider with Sarah on pillion as we head out at 10am, its good weather no sign of rain and the road is good with no gravel and just a couple of spots where they are doing road works, as we wind around the mountain I’m looking at fantastic views of the valleys and the river snaking its way through the gorges, what a great way to be spending the day, on a motorbike with good friends and sober.


We are about an hour into the ride and Frank has pulled over with Ethan on the back who is not to good with some ride sickness, the rest of the crew has pulled over down the road about half a kilometre, we have a spell for 20 minutes, Toby jumps on the back with Frank and Ethan goes with Glen in the back-up vehicle and we are away again.


I’m at the back end of the pack and its good to be able to watch the bikes ahead meandering through the bends, normally I am up the front leading and I miss out on all this, Penny hits a large stick on the road and it shakes her up a bit after doing a bit of a wobble, but she is soon back into it again with her head bobbing around listening to the music on her headset.


We wheel into Mitta-Mitta and pull up opposite the pub , Shifti and Ken are here and we check out the menu, Paul's over the moon, look at that he says, they’ve got my favourite bangers and mash, some people will eat anything eh??  the food is spot on, great value for money and plenty of it, after scoffing down all the tucker we are back on the bikes and heading for Omeo, beautiful ride back and no sign of rain.


The Blue Duck is our next stop, where we pull over for a much needed spell after all those bends and twists on the way back, everyone agrees that we have had a great day and I was right the ride was awesome.


Into Omeo at a good time and the end of another adventure ride with Chapter Six , may the Spirit of your Higher Power ride with you always, c u wen I’m lookin at ya cheers Ron E

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