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16th Annual Anniversary Ride

 (Al-Anon participation and friends welcome!)



Friday 24th to Tuesday 28th February 2023



FRIDAY - to Omeo

SATURDAY to Falls Creek

(destination changed due to roadworks)

It’s Saturday morning 10am at the Alpine Lodge accommodation in Omeo, we are getting ready to do a ride to Fall’s Creek.
Some rider’s are going down Hotham to meet up with Justin, and another group is riding down to Lake’s to meet up with  Dave dero and others.

The bikes are all lined up ready to go to Fall’s and I (Ron E) have been chosen to lead the group, behind me is Cookie, Kickstart Mick, Paul, Russell, Trent, Snickers and Frank.
I’m really looking forward to the ride, I haven’t done a ride to Fall’s in over 4 year’s. This is my first ride for this trip doing the winder’s , because I brought my bike up Hotham on a trailer, (my better half did not want to drive up Hotham)
The weather is fantastic for riding and the bike is purring like a cat, we do about 26klm’s and pull up at Angler’s  Rest, Cookie chucks a line into the creek for a few minutes but no luck.

Then back onto the Omeo Highway and head for the turn off to Fall’s, the views are stunning, at different spots you could  look down on the river and see it rippling over the rocks and small waterfalls, but don’t look for too long because the sharp corners seems to go on forever, and you have to have your wits about you negotiating them. I’m a bit worried I might miss the turn-off , I’m watching the speedo and as it clocks over 42km’s since we left Omeo I see the sign that reads Fall’s Creek to the left, it’s a really steep climb and the turn is a very sharp left turn, I drop the bike down to 2nd gear and give it the gun, I’m up the top and turning a sharp right, looking in the mirror I see the other bikes following me, no one’s fell off.


We wind our way up the mountain and sail through the beautiful country side going through corner after corner, the last 10k’s into Fall’s the road is superb, we pull up just before the dam wall to take in the majestic view of the dam and open country side, and I think how good is this, I wonder what the other poor buggers in this world are doing. Frank takes off ahead of us to find a place where we can eat, when we hit Fall’s he said there is a place down here on the left, but it wasn’t there, so we ended up riding up and down streets looking for somewhere to eat, just when it looked like we were not going to find anywhere, Snickers found a place way up the top of town in a little side St, the food was great, most of us had porterhouse steak.
The good part about going there was that we were going back the same way, after another brilliant ride back, another stop at Anglers rest, we finished the day cruising back into Omeo grateful to be alive and sober and enjoying the incredible life we have been given by AA.
Keep upright and riding Ron E


















Benambra Ice cream Run


It’s Sunday afternoon about 2pm we are getting ready to do the Ice Cream ride to Benambra.

This is a traditional ride we do every year, its about 28 km to the Benambra Post Office where we can buy an ice cream.

Gary’s the lead rider with Alison on the pillion, I’m next, and behind me is another 15 motorcycles, wow, that is the most we have ever had to go on this ride.

It is a beautiful day perfect riding weather, and before you know it we are winding our way through the hills to Benambra.

We are approaching what we have nicknamed the Mad Mile, you come over the top of a hill and stretched out in front of you is a straight run of about 2 ½ km’s.

This is where you can open your bike up and see what it will do if you want??

Gary gives a wave to go around him, so I gun the Harley and take off, I look at the speedo I’m doing 130 and bike after bike shoots past me like I’m standing still, I back off and watch them disappear over the next rise.

We arrive at Benambra and Cookie is the winner, he has burnt everyone off at 180 on his 883, so much for the bigger bikes eh.

We are munching into the ice creams they are delicious, there is only one thing better than an ice cream and that’s a second ice cream, so I have a second one!!

Everyone is in for a good chat and a spell for about half an hour before we saddle up and head for home.

The ride back is good, done at your own pace, and taking in the countryside.

And so, ends another great ride with fantastic fellowship and sharing.

                                                                                                     C U When I’m lookin at ya Ron E
















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