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16th to the 18th March 2018

St Helens Tasmania Chapter Six 2018 “Tassie Run”

The Chapter Six Tassie run is on again this year, to attend the St Helens Tasmania rally on the weekend of from Friday 16th March to Sunday 17th March 2018.



People traveling from main land Australia who wish to attend the weekend rally only can catch the ferry on Thursday evening 15th March from Melbourne,


Once off the ferry will meet up with other Chapter Six members on Friday 16th March at the café near the Ferry terminal in Devonport. Chapter six will then ride as a group to St Helens to attend the AA weekend rally.


For those interested, some Chapter Six members and others that are not AA members who are motorcycle enthusiasts, will be going to Tasmania on a Ferry leaving Melbourne on March 7th 2018. We plan to ride around Tasmania for a week prior to meeting up with those who will arrive at Devonport on Friday 16th March. The plan is to ride back to Devonport after the Sunday Morning meeting back to the ferry terminal.


Week prior Itinerary:

07/03/2018: Catch ferry from Melbourne March from Melbourne.

08/03/2018: Arrive Devonport, ride to Bridport – stay the night.

09/03/2018: Ride from Bridport to Swansea – stay the night.

10/03/2018: Ride from Swansea to Hobart – Stay 2 nights.

11/03/2018: Stay in Hobart for the day – rest day.

12/03/2018: ride from Hobart to Tarraleah – stay the night.

13/03/2018: ride from Tarraleah to Strahan – stay the night.

14/03/2018: Ride from Strahan to Stanley – stay the night.

15/03/2018: Ride from Stanley to Devonport – stay the night.

16/03/2017: meet those traveling on the Ferry at Devonport Café.

For further details please contact Dave Dero on 0439 657 880


If you want accommodation at St Helen's you now will have to book your own accommodation. look up online booking services and other web sites for accommodation.


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