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Chapter Six Motorcycle AA Group Australia

Castlemaine Sunday
8th Anniversary


Riding to: 40-42 Campbell St Castlemaine.

8am: Depart Mooroopna McDonalds.

Via Stanhope.

9:00am-9:20am: Coffee break Elmore “Oasis Café”

Via Axedale. (Bendigo riders join...)

Via Redesdale roundabout Lyall rd

11:00am: Castlemaine 8th Anniversary Meeting.

12:30pm: Sumptuous BBQ lunch provided by the Castlemaine Sunday Group.

01:30pm-2:00pm: Depart.

Arrive Mooroopna around 04:00pm.

Contacts: Tom 0435 717 500 or Dave 0439 657 880 


Sunday 20th January 2019
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